Altia Plc

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Altia Industrial Services is part of the Altia Group. Altia is the leading alcoholic beverage company in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Altia produces, markets, sells, exports and imports alcohol beverages.

Its clients include Nordic alcohol retail monopolies, alcoholic beverage wholesale outlets, restaurants, grocery stores, travel retail outlets and importers in the export markets.

Its own brands – such as Koskenkorva, Larsen, Renault, Blossa, Chill Out, Valhalla, Xanté and O.P. Anderson – have strong market positions, and many of the brands have a long history.

Its partner brands represent both local and international brands from all over the world. These include Jack Daniel’s, Pasqua, Faustino, Fresita, Codorníu, Nederburg and Tarapacá, among other brands.

Altia Industrial Services represents around 25% of the Altia Group’s net sales. Together with the alcoholic beverage operations, Altia Industrial Services improves the efficiency of the use of raw materials and production and logistics capacity.

More information about the Altia Group

Information about Altia

  • Net sales: EUR 356.6 million (2016)
  • Number of employees: 829 (on average in 2016)
  • Countries of operation: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, France and travel retail
  • Key beverage brands: Koskenkorva, Larsen, Renault, Blossa, Chill Out, Valhalla, Xanté, O.P. Anderson
  • Ownership: State of Finland (100%)