Market leader relies on Altia’s Naturet products


Rototec aims to consolidate the geothermal heating sector also in Sweden

The latest growth outlook for geothermal heat is good news for Jouni Salakari, the CEO of Rototec Oy, the leading geoenergy supplier in Europe. The use of geothermal heat and geoenergy is becoming more and more common in heating and cooling solutions, also in Finland. In Sweden, geothermal heating solutions have a long history, but in Finland, households and industrial plants have taken them into use on a larger scale in recent years.

Rototec’s story goes hand in hand with the success story of geothermal heating solutions. Founded in 2007, Rototec entered the market with a comprehensive and distinct concept that had no rivals at the time.

Traditionally, the geothermal heat market has comprised many small, specialist service providers, but Rototec was the first company to offer a comprehensive geoenergy concept that covers the entire service, from thermal response tests to energy field plans and the actual drilling.

– Our compact and agile boring equipment enables placing the geothermal well in the optimal location. In addition to planning, our service includes connecting the energy field with the geothermal heating equipment, says Jouni Salakari.

Furthermore, Rototec’s web-based monitoring system ensures realistic schedules and efficient project management, which have played their role in helping the company achieve its current position as the Finnish market leader.


We have signed a contract on delivering Altia’s Naturet fluid to our sites in Sweden and Norway, says Rototec CEO Jouni Salakari.

Strong partner supports growth

Rototec has used Altia’s ethanol-based Naturet geothermal fluid for heat transfer since the beginning. – Naturet has proved to be an excellent choice for us, says Jouni Salakari.

 Naturet products are available both as diluted and undiluted varieties. Rototec mixes the fluid in its own workshops to achieve the right consistency.

Naturet enables transferring natural heat from the ground, water and rock into heating energy for homes, buildings and service water. These ecological products were created through Altia’s meticulous quality assurance and extensive experience that spans several decades, and they complement geothermal heat as a safe and ecological form of energy.

Altia participates actively in developing the geothermal heat sector. – Altia has provided us with a truly comprehensive service, including all the necessary information on, for instance, permit applications and technical details. Altia is a well-known and reliable company, and it has been a pleasure to work with them. Furthermore, having a strong, well-established company as our partner makes our own deliveries more reliable.

The quality of Altia’s products and the reliability of their deliveries have always been consistent. Naturet fluid travels in tank trucks to Rototec sites across Finland.


Entering the Swedish and Norwegian markets together

Rototec dominates nearly half of the Finnish drilling market for geothermal heat, but its next big step will be to achieve a leading position in Sweden.

Altia and Rototec have entered into an agreement concerning the delivery of Naturet fluid in Sweden and Norway. – We want to offer a similar concept in each country where we operate, and Altia’s comprehensive services support us in achieving this goal.

Sweden is the global pioneer in the use of geoenergy. – The Swedish market is three times larger than the Finnish one, says Jouni Salakari. Rototec has also paved the way for its growth in Sweden by acquiring small local geoenergy companies.

Jouni Salakari is confident about Rototec’s growth outlook in the near future. The company aims high. – Our target for 2018 is to increase the group’s turnover to EUR 100 million. In Finland, we can only grow if the market grows, but in Sweden and Norway, we still have a lot to achieve in terms of market shares.  

More than 60% of Rototec’s sites are large-scale, such as blocks of flats and terraced houses, shopping centres, hospitals and industrial buildings. – The energy sector is undergoing an interesting phase right now. Energy is becoming an increasingly important cost item for, for instance, housing companies, which improves the growth outlook of geothermal heating solutions. Housing companies have understood the benefits of producing their own energy; they will no longer be dependent on energy monopoles and their pricing, says Jouni Salakari.