Barley Alcohol

Barley Alcohol for beverages

Barley Alcohol is a novel and globally unique ingredient. Barley Alcohol is used for various type of beverages. The high quality Altia Barley Alcohol of is the valuable basis of Altia’s  and partners’ beverage products.

The only dedicated Barley Alcohol producer in the world

Altia Barley Alcohol is produced from pure Finnish non-GMO cultivated barley. For guaranteed high quality and reliable product, customized barley varieties have been developed in co-operation with the plant research organizations.

Barley Alcohol is produced in Finland at Altia Koskenkorva plant which is the only 100% dedicated barley alcohol producer in the world since 1987. The unique, integrated starch-ethanol process provides high purity and extra ordinary uniform quality.

Opportunities for product differentiation

Barley Alcohol as unique ingredient offers you great opportunities for product differentiation. Beverages today are matter of differentiation from commodities with natural ingredients. Barley Alcohol provides four unique properties: Raw material is barley, 100% natural products, superior quality and the origin is arctic nature of Finland. 

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