Barley Starch

The Altia barley starch plant in Koskenkorva is the largest starch plant in the Nordic countries and the only producer of barley starch in the world. Koskenkorva Barley Starch is of consistent quality and is ideal for various industrial uses. The plant mainly serves the paper and paperboard industries, breweries and the food industry.

The only dedicated Barley Starch producer in the world

Altia Barley Starch is produced from pure Finnish non-GMO cultivated barley. For guaranteed high quality and reliable product, customized barley varieties have been developed in co-operation with the plant research organizations. Sustainable barley grain sourcing with full traceability back to harvesting farms ensures utmost quality. Barley Starch contains no preservatives nor additives.


We are a member of Starch Europe association


Barley Starch is produced in Finland at Altia Koskenkorva plant which is the only 100% dedicated barley alcohol & starch producer in the world since 1987. The unique, integrated starch-ethanol process provides high purity and extra ordinary uniform quality. Large particle size A-starch is used in barley starch manufacturing, while the small particle B-variety is fermented as ethanol.  This ensures high quality starch utilizing barley cost efficiently taking environment into account.



Barley Starch as unique ingredient offers you great opportunities for product differentiation. Beverage and Food today are matter of differentiation from commodities with natural ingredients.


Breweries use Barley Starch as a fermentation agent in the production of beer and to bring freshness to Finnish lagers. Barley Starch is free from preservatives and additives.
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