Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a high-quality solution for the production of combustible liquids and industrial chemicals that makes it easier for clients to run their business operations. We offer contract manufacturing tailored to customers’ needs: individual services or comprehensive service packages that cover the entire production chain, from procuring the raw materials to producing, packaging, storing and transporting the product. Customisation enables us to ensure that the client is provided with the exact services they need.

From Rajamäki to the world

Our production plant in Rajamäki processes around 30 million litres of combustible liquids annually for industrial needs. Combined with the favourable location of Rajamäki in terms of logistics, the location of our production plant by the railway ensures excellent road and railway connections. This means that we can deliver products to our contract manufacturing clients anywhere in Finland and abroad.

Strict quality control

Quality control is of primary importance in the contract manufacture of combustible liquids, as well as in the manufacture of our own products. With regard to each batch of products, our laboratory ensures during the production process that the mixtures are correct. Our strict quality control means that our clients in the pharmaceutical industry, for example, can trust that the products we manufacture will meet their exact needs and requirements.


Our production plant in Rajamäki has a bottling line that we can use for the contract manufacture of combustible liquids and industrial chemicals