Contract manufacturing – always on the client’s terms

Our contract manufacturing services enable us to create client-specific products for our partners. For customers in the alcoholic beverage industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from distilling to bottling, logistics and customer service. Our Ethanols & Solvents business unit offers contract manufacturing services for industrial clients. Its services include the handling of combustible liquids and chemicals, no matter whether they are in bottles or tanker lorries.

Products for our contract manufacturing clients represent a significant part of the production at our plants in Rajamäki and Tabasalu. These products range from wines to spirits, with various packaging and size options. In contract manufacturing, we always work in cooperation with the client and on the client’s terms.

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How will I benefit from contract manufacturing?

The greatest benefits of contract manufacturing include the opportunity to create customised products – such as market-specific bottles and packaging – for clients, as well as the ability to respond flexibly to market needs. Contract manufacturing streamlines the production process, which accelerates the execution of orders and deliveries. With regard to bag-in-box packaging, for example, the product can be packaged closer to the market, which allows for a longer shelf life. If we take care of the logistics, the client is able to reduce their transportation costs and carbon footprint, meaning that the environment benefits as well.