Industrial Ethanols

A flexible industrial service partner in Rajamäki

Altia Industrial is the leading Finnish operator in its field, with a long tradition of delivering raw materials and solvent mixtures to industry. Our goals include uncompromised quality and the shortest delivery times in the sector.

Our strategies and services are based on the continuous development of the customer experience

We offer:

  • Ethanols and solvents for various industrial needs, including solvents tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • Non-denatured and lightly denatured ethanols ETAX 
  • Non-denatured agricultural ethanols NATUCLEAR
  • Strongly denatured ethanols INDUSTOL
  • NATURET geothermal fluids
  • Other products, such as Isopropanol and Ethyl acetate
  • The products are available as tanker-lorry deliveries and as packaged deliveries – from the widest selection of products in the field
  • Contract chemical manufacturing services


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