Naturet geothermal fluid

Naturet-logoA pure Finnish fluid for geothermal heating

Naturet is a safe, familiar ethanol-based geothermal fluid for heat transfer and cooling systems in geothermal heating systems. An ethanol made from natural raw materials, continuous quality control and our many decades of experience lay the foundation for our ecological, non-toxic product family. Our Naturet products are manufactured at the Altia technical ethanol plant in Rajamäki, where we produce and develop Finnish Naturet products based on more than 25 years of experience.

We sell Naturet products to drilling contractors, HVAC wholesalers and other companies involved in geothermal and similar heating systems. Our private customers receive their Naturet products conveniently with their system deliveries from geothermal well drilling contractors, HVAC wholesalers and geothermal pump retailers.

Geothermal heat is a safe, ecological heating method. Altia actively participates in the development of the geothermal heating sector with other leading operators. Altia is a member of the Finnish Heat Pump Association (SULPU) and the Finnish Association for Well Drilling Contractors (Poratek).

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