Naturet geothermal fluids


Ecological Naturet geothermal fluids are suitable for heat transfer in geothermal solutions and for cooling systems. They are available in three strengths: -17 °C (28 wt%), Naturet (60 wt%) and Strong (90 wt%).

Several package sizes are available – select the option that suits you best!

The GeoSafe products in the Naturet family do not contain corrosion inhibitors.

Naturet Strong GeoSafe Naturet Strong GeoSafe Naturet -17°C GeoSafe

Naturet Strong/

Naturet Strong GeoSafe

Naturet Strong – a strong, undiluted geothermal fluid. Ethanol concentration approx. 90 wt%, dilution ratio 1:2 (Naturet:water).

Safety data sheet.


Naturet GeoSafe

Ethanol concentration 60 wt%, dilution ratio 1:1 (Naturet:water).

Safety data sheet.

Naturet -17 °C/

Naturet -17 °C Geosafe

Ready-to-use solution. Ethanol concentration 28 wt%.

Naturet -17°C Safety data sheet.

Naturet -17°C Geosafe Safety data sheet.


Transport, storage and packaging information.

Naturet products must be handled in accordance with the regulations concerning combustible liquids.

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