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Naturet provides ecological heating for new and renovated buildings and commercial properties around Finland, Naturet-logo

drawing on more than 25 years of experience. Naturet is the future of heating. Read more about our reference cases.

Commercial properties

Tom Allen Oy implemented the energy field and the related technology for the new SOK logistics centre. The heating and cooling energy is produced by a geothermal heating system built next to the biofuel plant. The system covers half of the energy needs of the property. The energy field has 319 geothermal wells each with a depth of 300 metres, which makes it the largest geothermal production plant in Europe.

Renovation projects

A limited liability housing company became the first block of flats in downtown Helsinki to switch from district heating to geothermal heating. Along with the switch to geothermal heating, the block of flats also became the first low-energy block of flats in downtown Helsinki. In a low-energy building, the consumption of heating energy is half of the average consumption at the most.