Naturet - transport and packaging



Naturet geothermal fluids are classified as combustible and must be handled in accordance with the regulations on flammable fluids. Naturet products must be transported in accordance with the Finnish regulations on the transport of dangerous goods (VAK). In addition, if the quantity to be transported or the size of the transport unit exceeds the free limits, the driver is required to have an ADR permit.

Protective eyewear must be worn when handling Naturet Strong products (90 wt%) and Naturet products (60 wt%).


  Naturet Strong, Naturet Strong GeoSafe Naturet, Naturet GeoSafe Naturet -17 °C, Naturet -17 °C Geosafe
Classification in accordance with the Chemicals Act Very combustible, irritant Combustible, irritant Combustible
Transport classification UN 1170, Ethanol solution, Class 3 UN 1170, Ethanol solution, Class 3 UN 1170, Ethanol solution, Class 3
Packing group II III III
Free limit 333 l 1000 l 1000 l

Need more information about transporting Naturet products? Please contact our Safety Advisor Maarit Malja.

Packaging sizes and shapes
Naturet products are available as deliveries of various sizes:

  • 18-litre canister
  • 200-litre barrel
  • 1,000-litre container
  • Tanker lorry by arrangement

Contact our Customer Service to learn more about the packaging sizes and deliveries at a time that suits you best.

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