Commercial properties


SOK Logistics centre, Sipoo

Logistiikkakeskus SOKTom Allen Oy implemented the energy field and the related technology for the new SOK logistics centre. The heating and cooling energy is produced by a geothermal heating system built next to the biofuel plant. The system covers half of the energy needs of the property. The energy field has 319 geothermal wells each with a depth of 300 metres, which makes it the largest geothermal production plant in Europe.

Tom Allen Oy constructed the heating and cooling system for the new property.  

Year of completion  2010 - 2013
Basal area of the buildings approx. 8,5 ha
Number of geothermal wells 319
Total depth of geothermal wells  95 700 m
Geothermal fluid Naturet®


Finnair head office, Vantaa

The new Finnair head office was completed in June 2013 in Vantaa. The property has 20,000 m² of flooFinnairr area and working space for 1,400 employees. Geothermal heating covers 80% of the energy consumption of the building. A total of 34 geothermal wells, with a total depth of 8,300 metres, were drilled into the ground. Of these wells, 11 are 300 metres deep.

Tom Allen Oy constructed the heating and cooling system for the new property.

Year of completion   2013
Floor area 20 000 m²
Number of geothermal wells 34 
Total depth of geothermal wells 8300 m
Geothermal fluid Naturet®


IKEA, Raisio

In the IKEA store, geothermal heat is used for heating the property, preheating the service water and cooling. The computational share of geothermal heat of the heating energy is nearly 100%.

Rototec Oy  constructed the bore wells and body piping of the heating and cooling system.  IKEA, Raisio

Year of completion 2008
Floor area approx.28 000 m2
Number of geothermal wells 27
Depth of geothermal wells 7 425 m
Geothermal fluid Naturet®


Business centre, Helsinki

In the business centre, geothermal heat is used for heating and cooling the property. Geothermal heat generates around 95% of the heating energy needed for the property.

Geothermal well contractor: Talman Energiaporaus Oy
Site planning, geothermal pumps and installations: Diileri Finland OyLiikekeskus, Helsinki

Year of completion 2013
Floor area 2450 m2
Number of geothermal wells 6
Total depth of geothermal wells 1320 m
Geothermal fluid Naturet®