New construction

Naturet - uudiskohteet

Residential area, JärvenpääJärvenpää 1

The Saunaniitty residential area is composed of 12 separate buildings with a total of 43 apartments. Geothermal heat is used to heat the premises and the service water.

Geothermal well contractor: Talman Energiaporaus Oy

Year of completion 2013
Living area  2636 m2
Number of geothermal wells 12
Depth of geothermal wells -
Geothermal fluid Naturet®


Single-family dwelling, Riihimäki

Why geothermal heating?Riihimäki OKT

When planning new construction, geothermal heating was a natural choice for us, as we had had positive experiences with our previous house. The naturally soft heating, reliability of use and affordability were important factors in our selection process.

Katja Raatikainen
Customer Manager, Altia Plc

Year of completion 2014
Living area 148 m+ 65 m2
Heat distribution system Vesikieroinen lämmitys
Depth of geothermal well 180 m

Geothermal fluid



Cowshed building, PornainenPihatto

In the cowshed, geothermal heat is used for heating the service water, social spaces and calf spaces, as well as cooling in the summer.  

According to the farmer, there has been plenty of warmth and warm water, and he is very satisfied with the geothermal heating solution. Geothermal well contractor Talman Energiaporaus Oy

Year of completion 2012
Surface area to be heated n. 100 m²
Number of geothermal wells 1 kpl
Depth of geothermal wells 130 m
Geothermal fluid Naturet®