Safety at work

Working in a plant

Common ways of working lead to common rules for the various locations of Altia. People aged under 18 must not be brought into the plant areas or production facilities. Everyone in Altia’s facilities and area must wear an ID card or a visitor card in a visible manner or have their name on their work clothes. Visitors report to the gate when arriving at the factory area.

Safety at work is important to us. We ensure safety for employees by providing them with the appropriate protective equipment and work clothes, for example.

Occupational safety

Ensuring safety at work in the plant environment requires expertise. We expect all of our production employees to have a valid Occupational Safety Card. People working temporarily in the plant area must be aware of the key factors affecting safety. For this reason, we inform everyone who arrives in the plant area about these factors. We provide induction training whenever necessary.

Everyone is responsible for ensuring safety at work and for complying with the safety instructions provided, as well as for informing their supervisor or a representative of Altia about any deficiencies related to safety.