Tailored to customers' needs

Aistinvarainen laadunvarmistus

Our contract manufacturing operations draw on our customer-focused approach, expertise and broad range of resources. We make use of the entire value chain when creating tailored products:

  • Quality: we ensure the high quality of products by continuously carrying out laboratory tests and sensory assessments. We always aim for the absolute best result. Read more about our certificates (link: Certificates)
  • Sales and production planning
  • Product and packaging development
  • Customer service
  • Procurement of raw materials: high-quality grain spirit directly from our distillery.
  • Bottling: our selection includes glass bottles and PET plastic bottles in various sizes and shapes, as well as bag-in-box containers with a volume of 1.5 litres, 2 litres and 3 litres – a wide selection for every need.
  • Packaging on a tray, in a transport box or on a pallet – according to quantity and need.
  • Logistics Pick & Pack storage flexibly at your dispossal

The production process is designed according to the client.

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