Technical Applications


Altia Koskenkorva Barley Starch plant is the largest grain starch manufacturer in the Nordic countries. The highly uniform quality of Barley Starch makes it an ideal raw-material for various industrial applications.

Renewable & cost efficient binder

Barley Starch is used in the board, paper, packaging & construction material industries as a binding and coating agent for various finished products. The starch functions as a binder improving end-product functionality & quality. Natural plant based starch provides cost efficient alternative for substitutes. As a renewable raw-material starch replaces oil-based alternatives such as latex, chemicals and process additives.

Platform for modifications

Barley Starch is pure starch in its native form. Product has not been modified. This provides a perfect platform for any type of modifications for instance enzymatic or chemical solutions according to customer wishes - on-site or off-site.

Naturally biodegradable

Barley Starch is all natural, non-GMO, organic & fully biodegradable. Barley Starch is produced from pure Finnish non-GMO cultivated barley. Sustainable barley grain sourcing with full traceability back to harvesting farms ensures utmost quality. Barley Starch contains no preservatives nor additives.

Extraordinary uniform purity

The unique Altia Koskenkorva mill integrated starch-ethanol process provides high purity and extra ordinary uniform quality. Barley grain comprises large and small starch particles. The large particle size A-starch is used in Barley Starch manufacturing, while the small particle B-variety is fermented as ethanol. This ensures extraordinary purity and stable starch quality with minimal quality fluctuation from barley crop to crop annually. Barley raw-material is utilized cost efficiently taking environment into account.