We are at the Fi Europe event in Frankfurt


 Altia Industrial unit is participating in the international Food Ingredients show in Frankfurt. The Food Ingredients – or Fi Europe – event in Frankfurt is the leading international event for introducing innovations in the food and beverage sectors. The exhibition stand of Altia Industrial represents one of the nine companies included in the Food from Finland organisation. The joint exhibition space provides good visibility and a clearer profile for the Finnish food sector. Altia Industrial is showcasing the valuable parts and processed ingredients derived from Finnish barley – starch, protein and barley spirit. Gluten-free barley starch allows for the use of barley starch in an increasing number of food industry solutions. Barley protein is a new plant-based protein meeting the growing demand for alternative sources of protein.

Made with natural Barley Protein


Altia Industrial invests heavily in product development to find new commercial applications for Finnish barley. This natural, eco-friendly raw material is traceable right up to individual farms, and enables food producers to create new product solutions. Natural ingredients are the central theme of the Fi Europe event, and Finnish barley and its derivatives provide an interesting alternative to this need.

Altia Industrial is the leading producer of barley-based products in the Nordic countries. The product range includes barley starch, grain spirit, technical ethanols and raw materials for feed. Altia Industrial offers contract manufacturing solutions for the beverage industry and other industrial sectors. Altia Industrial is part of Altia, a wine and spirits company.

Food from Finland is a food industry growth programme led by Finpro aiming to double the volume of Finland’s food exports by 2020.

Made with natural Barley Starch